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Ricola approached Hyper Island with the problem of how to communicate the sustainable footsteps of the company to the employees. They asked for something interactive and engaging, and could later be used outside the company in wider marketing communications.




Partnering with the UX students, we came up with the concept of Ricola World, an interactive space that could effectively make the large quantity of information available in a way that wouldn't be overwhelming.

The intention was to create a space where the user could create an avatar and be the “Hero” of Ricola World. However due to time constraints of about a week and a half to develop the entire page, we ended up focusing on the world and presenting the information effectively.


My Part


I took a leadership position from the start of the ideation process, implementing agile working methods, and helping to direct the group to manage time properly. I played a key role in the design process, reviewing Ricola brand guidelines and integrating their colors and type into our project.

After user testing was presented by the UX team members, and confirmed our assumptions, we were left with about a week and half to develop the project. A teammate and I worked together daily to achieve the product we have deployed today.

This project was a result of a great team dynamic, with dedicated members that committed more time than they were required to get to this stage in the time period we had. I am extremely proud of our ability to overcome challenges and to deliver not only on time, but to leave the client speechless.



To Sum It Up



During this project we leveraged our knowledge in React, Headless CMS (contentful), Adobe Illustrator, UI/UX Design, Agile Workflow, Git - Gitflow and Netlify

You can view the live page HERE

I learned a lot of new practical applications of react props and state management, and the passing of data through components. This was the first collaboration between classes and my first experience with working with a UX team, and overall it was a very insightful and positive experience. We used data driven design decisions for the first time, which was a great experience I expect to use in the future.

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